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Spraying Perfume For Various Scenarios

vineri, iulie 2nd, 2010

Some people can walk into a room and leave behind them a lingering aroma that will leave everyone guessing what it is and why do they smell so good all of the time. Some people can walk into a room and leave everybody gasping for breath and throwing open all of the windows. Which person do you want to be? Learn something about wearing perfume then.

When and where humankind ever started scenting themselves may never be known. But it is not too far of a stretch to imagine some cave dwelling people rubbing flowers or plants that smelled good on themselves. After all, out own scents can be, shall we say, potent all on their own and may deserve some covering up. At any rate, it became a cultural thing over time.

So what is it good for? After all, when you are all alone you probably do not mind your own stink too much. Some people, men more often than not, actually kind of revel in it. But when the housemates or spouses come home they change their ways a bit and maybe splash on a dash of something that smells considerably better than they do.

For instance, it is often a good idea to smell nice at work. Here you will be working closely with others, and will not want to offend. Especially if you are in the service sectors you will want to smell pleasant to your customers. Stinky people will certainly drive away business. But here you must be careful not to overdo it. Remember the elevator experience.

You can usually get a little bit bolder smelling at night if you are going to crowded clubs and the like, but usually the goal here is to find people to get closer to, not try to keep pushing them away. Yes, use the sexy stuff, and yes wear it with pride, but no, do not drown yourself in it. Use it wisely, save the money, and smell alluring, not revolting.

Also, there will be special occasions, particularly romantic ones, where you will go for a different type of scent. For intimate encounters with loved ones you are definitely going to want to stay on the subtle side, but also with the sexy, too. There are many scents that take just a dab to drive another person wild. Be careful here, use just enough, and know the power of the stuff.

Maybe all of that closeness leads to a formal affair? Then you will want to don the very best, yes? For any function that you are going to be wearing very fancy dress you will want to wear the very fanciest scents along with it. Here are the opportunities to splurge on some finer brands and to be able to justify your self. When you are going to be looking like a million bucks, why not smell like it too? After all, some scents are definitively associated with money, so when the time is right, spend some.

No matter what the occasion, it is in your best interests to smell your best, as well as interesting. Find a perfume that works well for you, invest in the better brands, and always go lightly with it. You can be even more tantalizing than you already are.


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